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Internet Marketing Coach & Consultant

Alright my friend, let’s face it…

This wild, wild west style of internet marketing these days is absolutely crazy!

But those of us who have survived the wild can usually point back to an internet marketing coach/mentor and system that helped clear the smoke and mirrors online.

Does A Marketing Planning Process

Exist For Your Business?

For mislead internet marketers who are new to the space, a marketing planning process doesn't come into thought until much after they fail time and time again when they don't have to.

I wouldn't call it strange or unusual since it happens to so many but it isn't very entrepreneurial placing the fate of their businesses in some push button software rather than their own efforts.

Simple Marketing Tactics To

Legitimize Your Following.

I know, I know...the phrase "marketing tactics" sounds like it describes some sort of trap to get people to buy stuff. At the end of the day the objective of marketing is to get someone to take some sort of action.

Often times a purchase.

But if you were to ask me (thanks for asking), I don't see it as a trap like most would envision if the people you've attracted through your content are legitimately interested in what you do.

The Marketing Process Mindset 

Staying The Course...

The marketing process mindset when creating content is often made out to be complicated because there is no instant gratification and often time takes an emotional toll on people.

The approach here is completely wrong and if not corrected it will be a huge detriment to your business.

It really is quite simple to stay the course to success online and in this podcast recording I break it down to 3 simple and easy points.