Free Video Series Tutorial

This video series will guide you step by step in:

1. Understanding what search engine optimization really is
2. Content marketing and why it is critical for your brand online
3. If social media marketing works and why, and finally
4. The sales funnel as a whole and how you make money with it!

Understanding SEO...You Have To Know It!

Are you hiding from your potential customers online without even knowing it? Even a beautifully designed website can be unsuccessful and difficult to find if it is not accurately optimized. The visual appeal of your website is important, but it is equally essential to make sure that your clients and prospects can locate your website easily. I teach you how to strategically optimize your web content to keep your brand top-of-mind to your clients and increase your ranking in the search engines.

Does Content Matter & How It Works!

Your small business blog, website, video and other value added content works like “search engine magic” for your overall Web presence. Search engines love content because they are constantly refreshed with new information. Because of this, quality content tends to rank highly with Google and the other search engines. Here you will master content marketing fast!

Does Social Media Marketing Work? And How!

When used strategically, social media platforms can become incredibly powerful business tools. Social media is meant to be a two-way conversation, opening direct lines of communication for audiences – and also for the very targeted audiences in your corner of the world.This presents ideal opportunities for businesses to not only find their prospects and clients, but also to listen to what they are saying with the option to directly respond to them. Do you know what your target audience is saying about your industry? Learn all that here!

Sales Funnels And Email Marketing…

Where You Make Money!

Aweber, Mailchimp, OptimizePress…these are the platforms that you will most likely need, but complete your due diligence first, make sure the software you are using matches the needs for your business. Sales funnels and email marketing, this is where 80% of your money and lifelong customers will be made, protect it, take care of it…and it will take care of you…for a very long time.

Let Me Stop You For A Moment…?

Want to get started on how to dominate your market online, sell more products and cultivate a raving community in the process…?

Private Training Packages Include:

Together we will create a marketing plan – you will finally have an  organized, strategic approach to growing your business online.

    • Confused about all the ways to market  online?  Learn which marketing tactics to  use, when to use them, and in which order to use them.
    • Clarify your marketing goals and stay motivated  to achieve them.
    • Learn how to use the Web to establish yourself  as the “go-to” expert in your industry or field so YOU get the media coverage  you deserve.
    • Use the Web to turn leads into sales and make  more money!
    • 1-on1 Private training time weekly at your convenience
    • How to attract clients and have customers coming  to you (instead of you having to chase them down) using easy online and offline  tactics.  Never have to cold call again)….
    • Ongoing and always Updated video library
    • Live webinars 2x per week – Plus…  while I’ve got a TON of marketing expertise I’m dying to share with you, no one  person can know it all!  That’s why  frequently I invite other marketing experts to join our calls – people I know  and respect because of the value of their expertise and the businesses they  have built.  You’ll have access to these  experts and have the chance to ask questions and learn from them as well.
    • Plenty of time during each call for Q&A – so you get the specific answers you need to grow your business.

Internet Marketing & SEM Private Coaching and Consulting Services.


And of course, you can ALWAYS CONTACT ME: NT.IZUCHI.617@GMAIL.COM OR (617) 564-3049






PROFESSIONAL Coaching Package - $697

  • 6 MONTHS Training & Coaching Access
  • Training Video Library
  • Private Q&A Time (1X Per Week)
  • Power Hour Weekly Webinar
  • Full Promotional and Content Marketing Plan
  • Basic Website & Blog Set Up Help
  • Basic Email Marketing Campaign Set Up Help
  • Social Networks Set Up (3 Platform Of Your Choice)
  • SEO Auditing & Consulting

UNLIMITED Coaching Package – $997

  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME Coaching & Training Access
  • Training Video Library
  • Private Q&A Time Weekly (UNLIMITED)
  • Full Promotional and Content Marketing Plan (UNLIMITED)
  • Website & Blog Complete Set Up (UNLIMITED HANDS ON PERSONAL SUPPORT)
  • Suite of Top Plugins Installed – My List of Top Essential Plugins to Ensure Optimal Performance of Your Website in the Search Engines installed and optimized.
  • Email Marketing Campaign Set Up (UNLIMITED HANDS ON PERSONAL SUPPORT)
  • Social Media Set Up (Up To 5  Platforms Of Your Choice)
  • Web Analytics Set Up and Configuration Help
  • UNLIMITED LIFETIME SEO Auditing & Consulting For Page and Post Titles (content supplied by you) and Meta Descriptions with Suggested Keywords