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Digital Authority Bootcamp?

Week 1
7-Day Sprint

Here you'll quickly break the mold! In your first 7 days you'll have clearly defined your audience, your unique offer, your signature program, and how to launch your program.

Week 2
Technology Week

Here you'll quickly get the technology set up to make everything work including your marketing & sales funnel, your lead magnet, and your email autoresponder.

Week 3
Authoritative Video Content

Here you'll quickly understand what authoritative content is, how to create it, and how to implement it into your business in order to sell your product.

Week 4
Facebook Video Advertising

Here you'll quickly learn how to leverage your authoritative video content to generate leads and produce sales in your business using Facebook video advertising.

Week 5
Stats, Optimizing, Tweaking

Numbers matter! Here you'll quickly learn how to look at your advertising statistics, optimize for better conversions, then simply wash, rinse, and repeat the process.

Week 6
Launching Your Program

Here you'll be ready to launch your hybrid program. Included will be a game plan on building excitement and marketing the start of your program using your early adopters.

Week 7
Leveraging Authority Sites

Here you'll utilize your content to get featured on authority websites and leverage their exisitng, large audiences to get new customers to grow your brand awareness.

Week 8
Scaling Your Business

Here you'll have a game plan for scaling your business for the long term, as well as things to avoid that will hinder consistent and exponential growth in your business.

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